Вода для путешественников

супермаркет воды

Что необходимо путешественнику, который находится в жаркой стране? А что нужно туристу, который осматривает достопримечательности европейских столиц. И находясь на пляже, и гуляя по жарким улочкам Барселоны или Рима у каждого туриста в сумке обязательно есть вода. Без воды невозможно долго находиться на пляже и, если с вами не будет бутылочки холодной воды, то вы вряд ли сможете насладиться видами даже самых красивых улочек Вены. Туристу, конечно не понадобится
, скорее с собой всегда должна быть удобная бутылка воды 0,5 литров, которую удобно носить с собой и можно всегда достать из рюкзака и сделать глоточек. А вот гостиница или отель, в котором вы останавливаетесь, всегда старается . Ведь это очень удобный объем для гостиниц, где постоянно требуется пополнение воды, так как туристов в гостиницах очень много, а запас воды необходимо постоянно пополнять. Ведь нужно, чтобы вода была не только в ресторане гостиницы, но также и в баре, и в каждом номере.

Очень удобно, если в холле отеля или гостиницы установлен аппарат с большим объемом воды, чтобы каждый турист мог подойти и попить в любое время. Установка с водой и одноразовые стаканчики – это почти обязательный атрибут не только для офисных помещений, но также и для конференц-залов, для гостиниц. Поэтому на которую достаточно приемлема, покупать очень выгодно. Так, многие отели и гостиницы Москвы и Московской области заказывают воду у компании Акваорганик, которая доставляет воду в любой район Москвы бесплатно и то время, когда удобно клиенту. Вода, которую вы получаете отменного качества и очень вкусная, ее можно пить и из нее модно готовить. Если вы позвоните по телефонам, которые указаны на сайте Акваорганик, то очень скоро вам доставят любое количество самой качественной воды.

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Odessa authorities will help foreign guests to rent a car, call a doctor and give them a guide in English

Over the next two months it is planned to open an information centre for tourists in Odessa. The municipal management of Culture and Tourism promises that the centre will be a real lifesaver for foreign tourists.

The project will take place within the approved programme for the development of tourism in Odessa. In the centre anyone can get free city maps and brochures in foreign languages ​​- at first they will print about 10,000 copies. They will also help a tourist to book a hotel room, order a transfer, buy a ticket to the theater, call a taxi or rent a car. However, these services are not free, but for a certain commission. Due to such incentives the information centre is expected to become profitable. Продолжение статьи

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Fans of Euro 2012 will read Cooper and sit under a conditioner in Kievan detention cells

Misbehaving Euro-fans will be transported in new vehicles with air conditioning and windows, and they will be placed in the cells for two with ventilation and the The Deerslayer by Cooper.

«If a fan is detained on the stadium or in the fan zone in the centre of the capital, he will be primarily brought to the pre-trial detention cells, which are at the stadium. There will be a judge who hears the case and decides – to restrict the penalty by administration fine or assign punishment. This can be a detention from 2 to 15 days. Then the offender is brought to the unit in Darnitsa. Продолжение статьи

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One of four Ukrainians believes that the Ukraine will be disgraced with Euro 2012

About half of Ukrainians believe that the country is ready to host the European football championship in 2012 as a whole, as evidenced by data from a survey of Research&Branding Group.

Thus, 44% of the population of the Ukraine expressed the view that the country is ready for Euro 2012, the opposite view is held by 39%, 18% were undecided.

«More than 60% of respondents believe that the Ukraine will cope adequately with hosting Euro 2012. The main effect for the country from the tournament, in the opinion of citizens, will be improvement of transport, tourism and sports infrastructure,» – said the director of Research&Branding Group Eugene Kopatko.

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What do Ukrainians eat?

Meat-eaters live in Donetsk, a sweet tooth – in Kherson

A new report of the State Statistics Committee shows what kind of food is preferred by Ukrainians according to areas. The data shows that the citizens of Lviv eat two times less fish than residents of Kirovohrad, and the Crimeans consume fewer potatoes than in Vinnitsa. Economically developed regions – Kiev, Donbass, Kharkiv – eat more meat and less bread. Even fruits, berries and nuts that do not grow in the capital are mostly consumed by Kievans, and in rural areas, which grow everything, the staple food is milk, potatoes, vegetables and bread. Продолжение статьи

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The Ukrainians are becoming big xenophobes

The Ukrainians keep up a high level of xenophobia against Roma and Jews while tolerance to Russians decreased. This is confirmed by the monitoring results of the Institute of Sociology of NAS of the Ukraine, held annually since 1992.

«We are seeing a disturbing trend. In the late 80s there was general reverence, sublime, humanistic attitude to ethnic groups, which lasted until the mid-1990s. Since 2002 there is a sharp decline in tolerance,» – said Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology of NAS of the Ukraine Nikolay Shulga. Продолжение статьи

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During Euro 2012 Kiev will freeze in a giant jam

During Euro-2012 Kyiv will face huge traffic jams because of mass blocking of streets – the centre will be pedestrian for more than a month. It is planned to stop some subway station: so, Olympic and Palace of Sports will not work
on the day of games. Продолжение статьи

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What will surprise foreign guests of Euro 2012 on the way to our stadiums?

The airport without railway station, toilets for money and physical exercises at the station are said to spoil the first impression of the Ukraine. Продолжение статьи

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Euro fans: Brits like Ukrainian beer, and the Spaniards are afraid of our mafia

Before a trip to Euro 2012 in the Ukraine foreign tourists are exploring this country. Here is the list of what Europeans are afraid of here and what may please them.   Продолжение статьи

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The dangers the tourists may face in the Ukraine at Euro 2012

At least a million of foreign fans are expected to visit football tournament Euro 2012 in the Ukraine. But, unfortunately, this country is still exotic to Europeans. Certainly, not every guest will be ready for unpleasant surprises that can await them here. Here is a list of dangers awaiting foreign tourists in the Ukraine.


Guests of Euro 2012 need to be careful on the road not to become a victim of fake road officers. It is the so-called environmental police disguised as Cossacks and taking money from drivers for measuring the level of CO in the exhaust gases of vehicles (mostly from foreign drivers who do not know how a real policeman looks).  Such «patrols» are often found in Chernihiv region, Crimea and Odessa on the highway.  Environmentalists claim that their services are not imposed, but they only offer drivers their eco-services. Продолжение статьи

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